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If you have you been searching for a reliable walking sticks & cane manufacturer or wholesale supplier then you have reached your destination. Aladean is the top manufacturer, exporter & bulk quantity wholesale supplier of Wooden walking sticks from India. Aladean has been manufacturing wooden walking sticks and wooden cane with brass ha...

If you have you been searching for a reliable walking sticks & cane manufacturer or wholesale supplier then you have reached your destination. Aladean is the top manufacturer, exporter & bulk quantity wholesale supplier of Wooden walking sticks from India. Aladean has been manufacturing wooden walking sticks and wooden cane with brass handles since more then a couple of decades now. Each walking stick is hand crafted from premium quality of seasoned hardwood. Its polished using traditional methods of layering that not only increase the life of the walking stick but also enhance the strength of the walking stick. As a leading walking stick manufacturer we at Aladean understand every aspect of requirement of clients while designing a master piece walking stick. 

Walking sticks are not new, these have been in use since ages. Mostly a support but it adds to the style and aften is a pride ingredient of dressing. We have been designing walking sticks based on vintage designs and we replicate some of the finest walking sticks from ancient era. At aladean we offer customization of walking stick designs and patterns. The top handle can be of wood or a metal like brass. In brass we have a huge variety of firurine handles for walking sticks. Some of the popular brass handles we manufacture for walking sticks are the Eagle head brass handle, King Cobra brass handle, Dog head brass handle, Elephant Brass Handle, Egytian Sphynx Brass handle, Compass handle & Brass telescope handle. Clients can choose to order any of the listed & displayed design of walking stick or choose to send us their own design. We can manufacture walking stick handles in brass, aluminum & even iron ore.

A variety of single piece walking canes with integrated classic handles are also available at best wholesale prices. We would also like to mention here that we are one of the leading manufacturers of walking sticks and we accept only bulk quantity wholesale orders. You can create an account on website to get instant access to wholesale price or alternatively send us a request to GET a Quote for your choice of walking sticks. We also offer OEM services for the clients and can manufacture & design walking sticks on their brand names.

Looking for an antique Walking Sticks manufacturer? Your search ends here. Like most of the Hollywood production houses and designers you also, do not have to worry any further for your next production. Aladean offers widest range of metal Walking Sticks for Movies, theatre, LARP, Combat ready & re-enactments. Leading Walking Sticks manufacturer & wholesale supplier Aladean offers a wide range of medieval & antique Working Walking Sticks & Canes  at Aladean. Based in India aladean is one of the leading manufacturer exporter of antique Walking Sticks & vintage Canes  replicas. Wholesale clients recognize aladean as the best manufacturer of Walking Sticks for support. With more than a decades of experience in creating Walking Sticks in bulk quantities Aladean enjoys to be a top supplier of Walking Sticks replica across globe. The entire process of manufacturing Walking Sticks is in house and so clients do not have to worry about customization. The designs can be interpreted from drawings, images, or computer graphics. Before making any Working Walking Sticks we research the product well and that’s the reason that we are able to create some of the finest replica of medieval Walking Sticks. We do not supply in retail although we do small wholesale orders of Walking Sticks, We offer best prices to our clients in bulk orders of any type of Working Walking Sticks or medieval armoury replica. Ordering directly from the manufacturer of Working Antique Canes was always the biggest challenge for wholesale importers & resellers of medieval armoury. Aladean now offers an easy wholesale ordering process. You can order any of these Walking Sticks in wholesale online at aladean. If you do not find a Working Walking Sticks here , just send us an image and we will create and list it for you. Aladean is top manufacturer exporter & wholesale supplier of Walking Sticks & vintage Working Walking Sticks replica in brass, copper & various other metals. There are many reasons why Aladean is the best for you if you wish to order a metal Working Walking Sticks or Working Walking Sticks replica in wholesale quantity. We will try to elaborate some of the key benefits of ordering a Working Walking Sticks replica directly from manufacturer exporter Aladean. You must read on if you wish to get a new design of antique Working Walking Sticks or a maritime antique Working Canes replica replicated. It’s not easy as the product is a mix of metals & metal handicraft with different metals are products crafted with hands goes through traditional casting & carving processes. The etching is done with the same ancient techniques on both metal & metal. Although there are CNC & Laser techniques available in market for metal Working Walking Sticks replica but there is no match of these machines made products with the handmade metal Walking Sticks & Working Walking Sticks replica that we manufacture.

Why aladean is top Walking Sticks manufacturer exporter & wholesale supplier?

Here are some of the benefits that you get when you order copper Walking Sticks & Working Canes replica directly from best manufacturer of antique Working Walking Sticks in all sizes & Working Walking Sticks replica:-

Best price for the Walking Sticks assured by manufacturer aladean in wholesale orders

When you order at aladean you can be rest assured about the price, You will get the Walking Sticks, vintage replica, Antique Canes at best wholesale price in the industry. Being a top exporter of antique Walking Sticks & Antique Canes replica aladean knows and understands the exact requirements of the clients very well. Our expertise to understand and deliver on clients imagination & expectation makes us the favourite manufacturer of Walking Sticks.

NO MOQ for bulk order prices for Walking Sticks, antique Canes replica

We have a very transparent price policy where the prices of each Walking Sticks and  Antique Canes are mentioned on the website for a specific wholesale quantity. But that quantity is not the MOQ of the product and clients can choose to request a quote for any product by simply clicking the "ask a quote" button and specify their quantity for getting the best quote. Hence you can have multiple products in different quantities to make a wholesale order of Walking Sticks & Antique Canes. So if you are a reseller and wish to have a range of Walking Sticks & Antique Canes  at your store , you can choose many different Walking Sticks designs & Antique Canes and specify the quantity that is comfortable to you. All in all we just want the order to be a realistic wholesale order and we are ready to work with you in developing the market. We will also ensure that our Walking Sticks and Antique Canes develop the market and create its own demand by offering you an option to customize the Walking Sticks & Antique Canes.

Custom size & design of antique Walking Sticks & Antique Canes

We offer a unique service to all our wholesale clients, the option to order customized Walking Sticks, Working replica or theatre Antique Canes or a desktop gift. It’s easy and you can order any quantity and get the benefits of wholesale price once you are reseller of aladean products. This feature of being able to offer your clients an option of customization takes us above rest of the Walking Sticks & Antique Canes, whole sellers and manufacturers in India.

Being a professionally managed brand the after sales support staff ensure that each order is diligently processed and executed on time, rigorous quality checks are done on every Walking Sticks & Antique Canes to ensure there is no flaw or technical glitch.

Hence we can assure you with all the confidence that your search for a metal Working Walking Sticks manufacturer or a Walking Sticks & Antique Canes wholesale supplier ends at aladean. If you do not find any of the design of antique Antique Canes & Walking Sticks that you wish to order not listed on the website then feel free to send us the image or the imagination and we will create it exclusively for you.

High quality reproductions of Antique Walking Sticks in Metal  & wood are manufactured by aladean. Vintage Walking Sticks & Antique Canes are used by movie production houses, cinema, theatre & role play. These Walking Sticks & Antique Canes were made with such great finesse that they could hold even in heavy storms & winds. Aladean manufacture a variety of Walking Sticks, antique Walking Sticks & Antique Canes that are now used as maritime decor or antique decoration. These Walking Sticks & Antique Canes are perfect for exterior decoration of gardens, porch & even for living room.

We are leading manufacturers of Vintage metal Walking Sticks & Antique Canes in wood& metal. We offer Walking Sticks in a variety of sizes and designs and invite our customers to share new designs for replication.


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