how to choose solid wood for doors?

how to choose solid wood for doors?

How to choose Solid wood for doors?

A lot of us get confused When it comes to selecting a wood for your doors and window panels. The reason is lack of information availability about what is important while choosing a wood for solid wood doors. The traditional solid wood doors are strong , durable and can have a lot of customization. Unlike the modern flush doors made by machine compressed boards the solid wood doors have human hands working on them to give you a perfect house entry door. In this article we try to outline some of the basic information that you need to know while making a decision on to what type of door you need and if it is a solid wood door then which timber/ wood is good for you.

Before we proceed with the wood specifications, qualities and properties of different natural Solid woods available in the market today we must understand what basic difference does a solid wood door has as compared to the Flush Door or a Ply board door.

What is a Flush Door or A Ply Board Door?

With the increasing demand and limited supply of natural hardwood Flush doors & readymade ply board doors have gain popularity as home doors and specially used as apartment doors as these are cheaper and easy to procure. The Ply Board & Flush doors are made using the same technique as a normal wood board where stripes of uncategorized wood are glued & pressed together within layers of Ply, The ply core is important as it holds to the wood within. Higher grade ply boards and flush doors have a outer frame that has a comparably better quality wood on the outer frame as within. These type of doors are manufactured in Industries and there is a huge quality variation that is available in these doors. As far as pricing is concerened you can find a Flush Door as cheap as US$ 2.00 per sq feet, So if you have a door size of 7ft x 3.5ft , a cheap flush door will cost you just around US $ 49 on a lower side. Big companies have big brand names and provide waterproof Flush doors with a time limited guarantee (But it has clauses) and these are expensive and might cost upto US$ 7 to US$10 per sq feet making the cost of branded waterproof flush door of an average size to cost approximately between US$175 to US$245 per door of an average size of 7ft x 3ft. These Flush doors are available in various standard sizes and are easy to install.

PRO’s of Flush Door

  •          Lower Price & cost efficient.
  •          Easily available in local markets in major cities
  •          Easy to install, no craft skills required
  •          Light weight

  CON’s of Flush Door

  •          Low strength & durability compared to solid wood doors
  •          Limitation of size customization
  •          Limitation of designs & surface finish
  •          Do not add a classy touch to the home

What is a Solid Wood Door?

A solid wood door is the traditional old door that is crafted with age old techniques and now a days with new tools using high quality Natural Solid Wood available in the market. Normally seasoned wood that is strong and thick grained is preferred for making Panel doors and solid wood doors. High technical skills of working in wood is required for making the solid wood doors, These doors can be made in any size, design and can have a variety of natural polished wood finishes or solid colours as well. Although there are some companies offering some standard designs and size of solid wood doors but these are limited and no company except aladean offers a wide range of Bespoke solid wood doors as per your home & project requirements. Solid wood doors are hand crafted with age old carpentering techniques and these doors add a taouch of class and style to your home. The first thing that everyone notice while entering a home is the front entry door to the house, Imagine if you have a classy solid wood door in seasoned deodar wood that emits natural fragrance. Even today Natural wood is easily available in the local markets but its not easier for everyone in big cities to purchase solid wood and then search for good craftsman or carpenter to get the solid wood doors made. This is why we at aladean offers this unique service and make the purchase of solid wood doors as easy as installing a Flush Door.

PRO’s Of solid wood doors

  •          Very strong & durable
  •          Bespoke designs can be made
  •          Custom sizes of solid wood doors can be crafted
  •          Adds a classy touch & style to your home  

CON’s of Solid Wood Doors

  •          Not easily available
  •          Selecting a good quality wood is not easy for everyone
  •          Time consuming process

Aladean eradicates all the CON’s of ordering a solid wood door. Check out our range of Solid wood doors available in various high quality natural seasoned woods.


LIST of Natural Woods/Timber available for Crafting Solid Wood Doors


Teak wood doors manufacturer

The top choice of most & one of the finest natural woods that is available today is the Natural Teak Wood. It has a natural texture and mostly has a yellow texture. If budget is not a problem them do not even think of anything else and go for the Teak Solid wood doors. Its a thick grained soft sawn wood that can be given different shapes curves and designs and yet be very strong. The polished surface finish looks classy and stylish. There is no doubts in terms of durability of Teak wood provided its from the right source. For Doors it’s advisable that the wood must be derived from the Trunk of the Teak Wood tree which is at least 4 feet in circumference, Anything below this circumference is a risk. Using teak wood of branches is a strict NO for doors as they may bend and might not give you the strength & durability of the teak. Teak is one of the finest timber for solid wood doors. There are various qualities of Teak wood available in different markets like C P Teak, Burma Teak, M P Teak, Nagpur Teak. While all the solid teak wood derived from the thick trunk core are good these different teak wood have different texture and surface colour. Choose the one that best suits you. Seasoned Teak wood is good for all weather conditions. Teak wood doors are the widely used doors across the world.

Shisham WOOD (Indian Rosewood or Sheesham)

Sheesham wood doors manufacturer

Shisham is a Hard wood but extremely durable and strong. If strength is you primary requirement then go for a Sheesham wood door. Shisham wood also known as Indian Rosewood is used for making solid wood doors since ages, I have personally seen sheesham wood doors that are more then 100 year old and still as good as new. Sheesham wood has a darker surface colour and has thick grains that are very good for polishing. Shisham wood is also resistant to rots & weather conditions. Most of the antique solid wood doors that you will find are made of sheesham. The sheesham solid wood doors are the most durable doors and extremly popular in India.


Deodar wood doors manufacturer

Deodar also known as Diyar is one of the strong wood that is good for solid wood doors. Comparing to TEAK its 20% low in strength & weight but the surface finish & the aroma is magnificent and this is the reason that deodar wood is widely preferred by designers for doors and interiors. A type of natural oil present in this wood makes it completely resistant from rots and mites. The deodar wood is also resistant to humidity. The conventional polish is not advisable on deodar wood as it might release oil which might look untidy over a period of time and so people prefer to give it a solid painted finish However with the latest Polyurethane (PU) Polish now easily available in the market the deodar wood can be polished to retain its natural texture for long.  If you wish to add a retro touch to your house then a Deodar wood door will certainly be a part of it. However its very important to understand that the source of the wood is crucial. As the deodar trees are long the timber that is derived from the lower trunk is the best. It must be seasoned for a duration to ensure that its dry enough for working. Deodar doors or Diyar wood doors are one of my personal favourite as I love the essence and texture of this wood. Deodar is a tropical tree and is from the PINE Wood category, but there are many types of pine woods like the white pine wood etc. These woods are very good for cold regions although deodar wood can stand to different weather & tempreature conditions.

There are other woods like SAL, MANGO, POPLAR, EUCALYPTIS and many others available but these are not recommended for doors. As these might twist and turn with change of temperature and weather conditions. SAL is very strong & durable and is also resistant to weather condition but it has a rough surface finish and hence its preferred for door frames.

 You can order Solid wood doors in TEAK , SHISHAM OR DEODAR at aladean. You can wish to order these along with a SAL Door Frame. 





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