Why is Aladean Best Walking Sticks Manufacturer & Wholesale

Why is Aladean Best Walking Sticks Manufacturer & Wholesale

Aladean is one of the biggest manufacturer and supplier of walking sticks from India. Based in the Northern Uttarakhand Region famous for the Hindu Holy City Haridwar, Aladean has been a top choice for importers and resellers when it comes to ordering & procuring walking sticks and canes. the obvious reason is the professional management of handicraft business. Its very difficult to procure hand crafted items from the small makers directly as they are not very well educated and often miss sell the product due to lack of information and communication skills. Aladean counters this situation very well by employing the artists. Hence it has been the top choice for 100s of buyers across the globe. Aladean offers its products only in wholesale quantity and hence they have the ability to innovate and invest in designs and designers, The only company that accepts customer designs and agree to create any type of new designs without asking for designing costs or anything as long as it has a wholesale quantity order. 

Here are some of the finest designs of wooden walking sticks that are offered at aladean

Lion Face Walking Stick

Order This lion faced walking stick is perfect for creating a style statement. The handle top is casted in solid brass and the wooden walking stick is handcrafted in premium quality seasones Sheesham Wood.

Dog face walking stick

This is a beautiful dog face walking stick, the handle is casted in solid brass with chrome finish and the walking stick is seasoned sheesham with black antique finish.

Panther face walking stick

This is an attacking Jaguar face walking stick. A brilliantly casted solid brass handle featuring an attacking jaguar in chrome finish. The walking cane is made in sheesham wood.

Brass Elephant Face walking stick

Order this brass Elephant face handle walking stick in wholesale at best bulk quantity price from aladean. Being a manufacturer of walking sticks the finish of the handle and the wooden cane can be customized as per client requirements. Customers can order the brass handle in polished brass, antique brass, copper antique, chrome or silver finish as shown in the image above. Furtherthe wooden walking cane can be customized in various ways. Customer can choose to order a plain natural finish , buff polished wooden texture or the stick can be carved with beautiful hand engraved patterns. The stick can be embossed and engraved with any type of logo as well. Further it can be order as a single 1 piece 36 inches walking stick or it can be a 3 piece screwed together walking stick which can be folded. Customer can also choose to order the walking stick in 2 pieces. The top brass handle of the walking stick can be fixed or screw opened. We are the only professional exporter company that offers so many customization option for a walking stick. The choice of wood is also availabe and if customer wish to order a metal walking stick we offer it in brass. Our brass walking sticks are highly durable and has a victorian nautical touch.

Walking stick with telescope and watchbrass telescope handle walking stick

Have you been looking for a unique walking stick thats rare, antique like? Shown above is a premium quality rare design walking stick that has a nautical telescope and a watch in the handle. A master piece of had craftsmanship this is not an ordinary walking stick.

This walking stick is one of the top selling aladean product. Heavily in demand across all the retail stores and most of our importers keep this as a regular order. A perfect grandpa , grand father , grandmother , old age gift , it has also served as a souvinor and corporate brand promotion gift in various events. 


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